Best poker players.

Let us take a look at those that play poker games and how they got there. Click to learn more

Poker is a worldwide known game that is common among players. This is a card game made available in casinos mainly for gambling and players enjoyment. Players that have mastered the games has risen up over the course of years, poker has been made available. Due to their love for high-risk games. You should checkout

Sami ‘Lrslzk’ Kelopuro.

Sami is a living legend among poker players, known for going after the highest of risk and having no fear for other poker players. He has been enjoying wins for more than a decade in poker games both cash games and tournaments, in which bets are placed at the top stakes. He is known globally.

He was known to have begun playing poker games in 2005, and find his way to the top quickly. he is known to have challenged punters like Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey in the full-tilt era. He has taken his time to learn about poker, different places, GTO frequencies, which helps him in becoming one of the best.

Pauli ‘Filismies’ Ayras.

Pauli was formerly a crafter 2 and CS player before falling in interest with the poker games which happen at the first trail of the game. From this he grew in the game to later be one of the top NLHE 5max and player has ever seen. He has won quite a lot of games and still winning.

He is known to start his games sessions by 8 pm during the night and be done by 7 am in the day depending totally on the game quality. This sums up how he uses his days and night every day except when he is travelling to play at HRLT series outside his region

Linus ‘LlinusLove’ Loelinger.

Linus is a Swiss poker player residing in Malta. He is known right now as the world best player in NLHE 6max games. He started playing poker games in 2013 with an excellent understanding of the GTO strategy of the game to build his bankroll with a 2+2 from $230 playing NL0 to regular player with NL100.

  • He has been in poker since childhood

Fast forward to 4 years after that, he won $1.4 million by playing NL40K with the top web-based player at that time. Having won a sum of $2.6 million including a win frequency of weekly, we can say he is part of the top. Nowadays, he does live competition leading with a total of $1.86 million at the HendonMob.

Ioanis ‘ActionFreak’ Kontonatsios.

Ioanis is a Greek player that is known for his high playing stakes 7max PLO on Pokerstars. He plays online games most of the time and appears in live tournaments. He is one of the players that took part in Galfond tournament, where players are to play 15k at €150/300 hands with €160k side bets.

This challenge is with the final result of red or black, with 500, 000 for the winner to take home. Though he was not able to win, he ended up losing to Galfond at the last days of may, 2020 in the 15k challenge. But this should tell you of his love for high-risk games and stakes.

Verdict on the best poker players.

One of the top thing about web poker games is that it can be played at the comfort of your house or office, anywhere you might be. But the thing best poker players have in common is their interest for the game, having, first of all, discover their love for a poker game.

Then, they all went to get more knowledge and understanding of poker while playing the game as a novice. They are also known for going after high stakes and their zeal for winning and never giving up. These few things, we can say has helped them to be the best in poker games.

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